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Uncontested Divorce- Absoulte or Simple Divorce

What are the requirements to receive a divorce in NC?

To obtain a divorce in North Carolina: (1) Either party must have lived in North Carolina for at least 6 months before the filing of the action; (2) The parties must have lived separate and apart for 1 year with the intention of ending the marriage. 

Is there a difference between an uncontested, absolute, or simple divorce?

No. These terms are used interchangeably to represent a divorce where there the divorce is not contested by either party. Generally, an uncontested divorce is proper if there are no minor children, and neither party is seeking property distribution, alimony, or spousal support. 

How long is the process to get a divorce?

After you have been separated for one year, you can begin the process the next day. The process generally takes between 45 and 60 days, however this time can be shortened if the non-filing spouse signs a waiver of the right to answer the complaint.  

How much does it cost to get a simple divorce?

Our firm understands that everyone has different financial obligations. With this in mind, we offer two different options to assist you with getting your divorce, a full-service and limited-service package. 

Full Service Uncontested Divorce Package

The full service package is currently priced at $750, which includes your attorney's fees, court costs, and service fees. This option does not include service by publication. Our firm will be responsible for drafting your divorce complaint and divorce judgment. We will also appear in court on your behalf. With this option, you will have the confidence knowing that your case is entrusted to our experienced attorney's. 

Unsure What To Do???

If you are unsure about what your next steps should be, we also offer consultations, where we will provide you legal advice and peace of mind about the best way to continue forward.  

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